Our consulting team seek to address the key drivers of disadvantage in Australia by working collaboratively with organisations to help them improve their impact.

Through this work we have developed deep expertise in key issue areas including:

  • Education and Employment
  • Families and Communities
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Indigenous Affairs

In addressing these issues we partner with large and small community service organisations, every level of government, leading corporates and philanthropic foundations

Community Service Organisations

Increasingly, community service organisations are being required to adapt to new funding arrangements and major reforms, like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We assist clients to design frameworks and approaches to manage this change. This includes providing support in the business planning process – across strategy, service design, mergers, collaborations and evaluation – assisting organisations to leverage their strengths to remain competitive.


Governments seek to understand and increase the impact of the services they fund. We have worked with local, state and federal government departments and agencies to evaluate outcomes from funding allocations, understand the common factors influencing program efficacy, and to explore the role innovative measurement and funding approaches can play to improve the way social services are delivered. This work ensures governments have the very best frameworks and information to input into new service and policy design.

Corporates and Philanthropy

Charitable Trusts and Foundations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the way they give. We assist them to determine their strategic priorities, develop frameworks for measuring impact, and to understand the role their organisations could play to foster innovation for social impact. This includes identifying potential community partners and connecting clients with organisations that could help them achieve their desired impact.