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At SVA we seek to be informative and transparent with regards to the financial information relevant to us, which is something we encourage in all social purpose organisations.

Annual Review 2015-2016

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From the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of SVA

Since 2002, Social Ventures Australia (SVA) has pioneered a new kind of philanthropy in Australia, one that scarcely existed before. Eschewing ‘chequebook charity’, SVA borrowed from the lessons of the venture capital world, and developed a model of venture philanthropy that engaged social ventures in need of funding and support, with funders deeply interested in the outcomes their donations helped to achieve. In 2009, the SVA Consulting practice was born out of the market need for the social sector to better plan, measure and evaluate their work, and in 2011 an impact investing team was launched, on the back of the success of and interest in the Goodstart deal.

Over 14 years, SVA has generated over $85 million of investment from philanthropists, corporates, trusts and foundations and government into the social sector, supporting over 40 social ventures through our portfolio. We now have $45+ million of funds under management and have completed more than 500 consulting engagements.

This year, SVA embarked on a project to re-examine our goals and to both articulate and start putting into practice our strategy for the organisation to 2020. This ambitious piece of work was developed collaboratively across the business and has been roundly endorsed by SVA’s staff and Board as a platform to build our impact over the next three years.

At its core, we believe that to improve the lives of more people in need in Australia we must address both the funding and service provision sides of the social sector equation. We want to help business, government and philanthropists to be more effective funders and social purpose organisations to be more effective at delivering services.

Our strategy to 2020 sits on four pillars designed to support the growth of our three service teams, informed by our strategic perspectives on how to reduce disadvantage. It is supported by key infrastructure and underpinned by our values.

Trusted partners to funders and providers

Building on over a decade of learnings and experience in venture philanthropy, pioneering activity in the impact investing space, and many hundreds of consulting engagements, we will continue to develop our standing as a trusted partner to social purpose funders and service delivery organisations to help them drive social impact and system change. A strong and disciplined focus on client needs will see SVA delivering whole-of-organisation solutions to key targets in three segments; philanthropic funders, government and large social purpose organisations.

Practical knowledge about disadvantage

We will continue to develop our knowledge and experience around reducing disadvantage through a focus on education, employment, housing and working with First Australians. We may expand our work to complementary areas of social sector need in the future. We will actively work to effect change by convening groups of people to share ideas and coalesce behind agreed approaches, publish shared learnings and advocate to government and other influencers.

Outstanding team

SVA has been fortunate to attract a cohort of passionate and experienced professionals, keen to use their skills to achieve social impact. We will build leadership structure of the organisation and continue to foster a culture of learning to retain, and continue to recruit, high calibre individuals. In addition to doubling our staff numbers, SVA has committed to building diversity through the team, including meeting First Australian employment targets, as part of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Financially sustainable

As with many social purpose organisations, funding for our current overheads is largely from philanthropy. To build SVA’s sustainability, our strategy over the next three years will drive revenue generating activities from across the business, with an aim of all philanthropic income being directed to support ventures in our venture philanthropy portfolio.

We are guided by four key values in everything that we do: Accountability, Integrity, Respect and Humility.

We look forward to working with you over the coming years to realise our strategy and to support our partners to improve the lives of more people living in need in Australia. We also warmly welcome your feedback and insights as to how we can be of better service; to the people at the very heart of our vision, to the funding community and to the social purpose sector more broadly.


Kind regards,


Paul Robertson AM               Rob Koczkar

Chair, SVA                               Chief Executive Officer, SVA

Group Revenue Sources


Financials FY16

Source of SVA core income FY2016

SVA funding is derived from a number of sources. SVA’s income of $12,464,030 came from the sources shown:



Where we applied the income FY2016

SVA income is directed to our venture portfolio, activity-based service business units and to cover our operating costs. SVA’s income in FY2016 was directed as follows:


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