Social Ventures Australia (SVA) and the Commonwealth Bank have partnered on the Australian Teaching and Learning Toolkit Initiative (Toolkit Initiative) to improve the learning outcomes of students in Australian schools, particularly those experiencing disadvantage. The Commonwealth Bank have made a significant investment in the development of the Australian Teaching and Learning Toolkit Initiative, designed to enable and support a culture of evidence-informed practice in schools.

The Toolkit Initiative builds on the work of the educational research community in Australia and has been developed with the Victorian Department of Education and Training and the UK’s Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). SVA will work closely with researchers, professional bodies, schools and school systems across Australia to design the wider rollout of the initiative.

Based on an approach that has demonstrated success in the UK, the Toolkit Initiative provides new funding for world-class research into Australian educational practice, and shares this evidence through a free online toolkit that summarises research in plain English. The Toolkit Initiative will also support schools to engage with evidence in ways that will most benefit their students.

The current online toolkit summarises research into 34 interventions to improve students’ academic achievement. It includes an analysis of each intervention’s average impact on student achievement, the strength of the evidence used to determine that average impact, and the average cost of implementing the intervention. It summarises over 10,000 individual studies from around the world.

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