Despite a generation of overall economic growth, social disadvantage concentrated in a relatively small number of communities, has condemned generations of Australians to suffer in a wretched cycle of poverty and low expectations.

Broad based systemic social change, on a scale required to lift millions of people out of disadvantage, requires entirely new ways of operating. Our guiding passion is to bring fresh thinking and original approaches to enhance the education outcomes and improve employment opportunities for disadvantaged Australians.

At every stage of a person’s life, from providing quality early learning experiences to supporting meaningful work, SVA is innovating with our partners for change.

To lay out our ‘cradle to career’ approach to social change, SVA has produced a publication entitled The Facts of Life – Evidence and experience of investing in social change. It illustrates our understanding of the realities of life for disadvantaged Australians and how our work, across every level of our organisation, is structured to redress this.

Using photographs, facts, infographics, stories and video the publication shares the impact of our work across Australia and how we’ve contributed to redressing the inequities that some Australian communities are unfairly forced to endure.

Download your copy of The Facts of Life – Evidence and experience of investing in social change (PDF, 5.56MB)