Kimberley Land Council Business Plan Development


SVA Consulting was engaged to develop a business plan for Kimberley Land Council’s Cultural Enterprise Hub concept.

Role we played

To deliver this project, SVA Consulting:

  • Engaged with Kimberley Land Council staff, rangers, Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) and other stakeholders to understand the scope and size of the market opportunities for rangers, which included land management services, carbon and biodiversity offsets, cultural tourism and a Kimberley-wide visitor permit system
  • Facilitated workshops and supported Kimberley Land Council to determine the operating structure, governance and funding models that the Cultural Enterprise Hub should adopt to best support PBCs and ranger groups to capitalise on these opportunities.


Following our work, Kimberley Land Council have a comprehensive business plan, backed by a detailed financial model, a measurement and evaluation framework and an implementation plan, equipping them with the tools required to execute the Cultural Enterprise Hub concept. The Hub will broker commercial opportunities, provide PBCs and ranger groups with the technical expertise required to exploit those opportunities and build their capability to manage cultural enterprise over time.


Photo credit Kimberley Land Council: Nyinka Mangala rangers Conan Lee, Frank Watson & Cyril Watson.