From the Chair

I am acutely aware that one of the most important things a Board does is choose a CEO. The SVA Board has been fortunate on that front, having worked alongside two outstanding CEOs in Michael Traill and Rob Koczkar.

As Rob moves on from the role at the end of 2018, the Board and I want to offer our heartfelt thanks for his magnificent contribution.

Rob has been an invaluable asset to SVA, helping to embed a sustainable and impactful organisational model that has set SVA up for the future. He has led the organisation through a period of significant growth and we are very confident SVA is poised to influence even greater impact because of the work Rob has done.

After an extensive search, we know we’ve found another excellent leader in Suzie Riddell.

We are absolutely certain Suzie is the right person to lead SVA through its next stage of contribution to the Australian social purpose landscape. Her strategic thinking, collaboration and leadership skills are inspiring
and her deep commitment to SVA’s mission is second to none.

SVA’s 2020 Strategy describes four strategic pillars; trusted partnerships, practical knowledge, outstanding team, and financial sustainability. We are delighted to see fantastic progress across each of these areas, which you can read about in the following pages.

We are also delighted to see SVA begin to map its work against the UN Sustainable Development Goals, adding to momentum that’s building across sectors for alignment to these goals.

Again, thank you Rob, welcome Suzie; and thank you to each of you who are working alongside SVA to build an Australia where all people have a sense of belonging, and a voice in decisions that impact them.

Paul Robertson