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In FY18 SVA shared our perspectives by:

Publishing 23 SVA Quarterly articles and 19 podcasts on leading practice to encourage learning and discussion among sector leaders, practitioners and policy makers.

The SVA Quarterly is a subscriber publication for sector leaders, with articles also shared in trade and specialist publications such as Pro Bono News, The Mandarin and Australian Policy Online. Through the SVA Quarterly we share insights and learnings from our work, for the benefit of all organisations working in the social purpose sector.

SDG: Partnerships for the goals

Introducing the SVA Fundamentals for Impact to leaders in Sydney and Melbourne.

Attendees at a boardroom event series unpacked how to ‘do good, better’ and how the framework could help their organisations pursue their own goals while also contributing to shared, system-wide goals. This free tool helps organisations identify areas they may need to develop to be more effective serving people and communities.

SDG: Partnerships for the goals

Presenting at the NDS National Disability at Work Conference in Sydney in June.

Gillian Turnbull’s presentation, ‘Moving beyond the numbers – measuring the true impact of disability employment’ addressed how taking a person-centred approach to managing to outcomes gives greater insight into how employment can create change in the lives of people with disability, as well as improve the sector’s ability to support them.

SDG: Decent work and economic growth

“In my role, I spend a great deal of time collecting, reading and unpacking research around teaching practice and approaches with our teachers. The Toolkit is neat, concise and easy to use. It will save me countless hours in the way it lights the path directly to the most relevant and reliable research.”

 – Frances Roberts, Head of Curriculum, Bounty Boulevard State School

Sharing and tailoring the Teaching & Learning Toolkit with educators across Australia.

The Teaching & Learning Toolkit is an accessible summary of educational research that supports evidence informed decision making in Australian schools. It provides guidance for principals, teachers and schools on how to use their resources to best improve educational outcomes for their students, particularly those from low-income families. More than 12,300 educators have accessed the Teaching & Learning Toolkit four or more times in a year.

SDGs: Quality education, Reduced inequalities