SVA Annual Review 2016-2017

SVA is seeking to build an Australia where all communities thrive, and where everyone has a sense of belonging and empowerment. The Annual Review provides an overview of our work towards that goal in 2016-2017. 

In a year that marked 15 years since SVA was founded, we welcomed five new ventures to our portfolio, launched three new social impact bonds, completed 132 new consulting projects, and grew our team to 88 passionate professionals committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive Australia. And while the numbers say a lot about the volume of work we’ve delivered over the year, it’s the detail and stories in the Annual Review that speak more to the impact of that work on the ground.

We invite you to find out more about our venture partners, projects and incredible team and supporters in the report and video below. You can also download the SVA Annual Review 2016-2017.


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