COAG Reform Council report reinforces importance of our work

The latest COAG Reform Council report released this morning reinforces the importance of SVA’s work. Education outcomes and school-to-work transitions are worsening for Australian students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

Key findings from the report shows:

• Indigenous children are more than twice as likely to start school developmentally vulnerable;

• There were no improvements in school attendance for Indigenous students since 2006;

• There is a 20% gap in Year 12 attainment between the lowest SES and the highest SES students;

• Over 40% of young Australians from the lowest SES backgrounds aren’t engaged in work or study after school.

We strongly support COAG providing the evidence to support debate on these issues. While these statistics are alarming, they highlight the need for organisations working to overcome social disadvantage.

SVA is dedicated to improving Education and Employment outcomes for those Australians most in need. Reversing these trends is our primary goal.

Read the full report here: ‘Education in Australia 2012: Five years of performance