No them and us

I first heard Reverend Graham Long, CEO and Pastor at The Wayside Chapel on the radio, reading his weekly letter to the Wayside Chapel’s Inner Circle. I was immediately struck by his compassion – his ability to see and be with the people he works with in Sydney’s Kings Cross. And by his laugh.

When I discovered that SVA Consulting had supported Wayside to develop its first strategic plan in 2008 I was keen to run a story in the SVA Quarterly about this work. I was particularly curious how someone so established in the heart, in being present with each person in each moment, perceived and approached strategic planning.

And so, Duncan Peppercorn, former Executive Director of SVA Consulting, and I met with Graham in April 2014 as Wayside celebrated its 50th anniversary. Meeting Graham and writing the interview for this SVA Quarterly article was a highlight of my year. In this video, I sit down with Graham again at the end of 2014 to reflect on the year.