Six reasons to attend Sydney’s Impact Investment Summit

Why you should head along to the Impact Investment Summit in Sydney

It’s an exciting time to be involved in impact investing in Australia. In the words of none less than Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, ‘impact investing is gaining steam around the world’.

Building upon that momentum this month is the Impact investment Summit Asia Pacific. The Summit, supported by Social Ventures Australia, is being held in Sydney from November 13 – 15.  Morrison will address the Summit, along with Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, and 60 local and international panellists and speakers.

Here are six reasons you should go along:

1. Get investment ready

If you’re currently working or running a not-for-profit or social enterprise you’d be aware impact investing could be an important source of capital. At the Summit, there’s an intensive workshop which will explain how to get investment ready, how to raise capital, and what funding and support is available through the Impact Investment Readiness Program.

 2. Examine catalytic capital and layered investments

Catalytic capital is defined by a risk-profile that incentivises the participation of investors who would not otherwise be interested. In this panel discussion Social Ventures Australia director, Alex Oppes, SEFA’s Hanna Ebeling, English Family Foundation’s Belinda Morrissey and The Akina Foundation’s Alex Hannant will examine how traditional philanthropy, government funding, and for-profit investment can work together to create social impact.

3. Shark Tank – social style

Never seen a pitch for capital before?  Whether you want to hone your own pitch, or just hear some innovative solutions to pressing social challenges, the Accelerate: Optus Futuremakers pitch session might make you think twice.

4. Challenge your perceptions of the industry

If you’re an investor or investment professional who’s been working in the Impact Investing industry for the past few years, you’ll have made some assumptions about the ecosystem. co-founder and CEO Tom Dawkins will challenge some of those assumptions.

5. Learn from three of the Asia Pacific region’s leading impact investing funds

This panel discussion, moderated by Leapfrog Investments associate director Clare Murray, will tease out insights from the experiences of Blue Orchard Finance, Patamar Capital, and SEAF.

6. Start investing in the circular economy

Want to hear about an alternative to an extractive economic system? ClimateWorks Australia CEO Anna Skarbek will be joined by Mission 2020’s Dean Bialek, and Closed Loop Partners’ Margot Kane, for a broad-ranging discussion on what a circular economy investment looks like including low carbon energy transformation and more.

Grab your tickets to the 2017 Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific here.