Top 10 SVA Quarterly articles of all time

Looking at the top 10 SVA Quarterly articles of all time – well, since we launched in August 2012 — what strikes me are the various themes they reflect.

The first theme is the necessity of understanding the basic how to’s at the heart of any social program. Whether it’s articulating how your activities lead to the impact you seek (the program logic) or understanding how to evaluate your organisation or that of the programs you wish to fund (accounting for value).

Secondly, we see the growing interest in impact investing (How to grow impact investing) and managing to outcomes; funding programs that work, as highlighted in Michael Traill’s article Investing in social change.

Social enterprise is also a popular theme; and I’m heartened to see interest in the critical message that Adrian Appo, Chair of Ganbina, shared about growing Indigenous employment (by focusing on the quality of  jobs, quantity will follow).

The top 10 list is:

  1. The first 100 days of a CEO’s tenure
  2. Finding the golden thread: A new approach to articulating program logic state
  3. Social Return on Investment: Accounting for value
  4. Shared value: A new paradigm for corporate strategy
  5. Investing in social change
  6. How to grow impact investing
  7. Indigenous employment: quality not quantity
  8. A major donor funding plan in six steps
  9. The hidden business of social enterprises
  10. STREAT’s ahead: funding social impact with equity

Recently we launched a new look SVA Quarterly, a refreshed publication dedicated to sharing lessons we’ve learnt in our work across SVA. We look forward to continuing to participate in the discussions that are generated through our community of readers.