Top 5 SVA Quarterly articles of 2016

Once again, we’ve published an impressive collection of SVA Quarterly articles this year encompassing topics and insights from throughout Australia and the varied projects SVA is involved with.

Of the broad topics covered, the five most popular reads published in 2016 were:
  1. Managing to outcomes: what, why and how?: What does ‘managing to outcomes’ mean and why are small and large organisations alike embarking on this journey?
  2. New model for financing affordable housing: A housing finance ‘aggregator’ is one solution for attracting more private capital into the affordable housing market.
  3. Do’s and don’ts of investing in Indigenous social enterprises: Insights from the two year Indigenous Social Enterprise Fund pilot provide some lessons about supporting Indigenous social enterprises to grow.
  4. Healthy country, healthy people: Analyses of five Indigenous Protected Areas across Australia demonstrate the social and cultural co-benefits of Indigenous land management initiatives. (+ Podcast)
  5. Find your philanthropic true north: To affect positive social change, philanthropic organisations need clarity and alignment on four key elements as demonstrated by the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Australia’s largest private foundation.