• How industry can give social suppliers a hand up

    group of workers in warehouse in hi-vis jacketsfrom Social Engine

    This article is the second in our series on the state of social procurement in Australia. Click here to read our previous blog about the gap between the size of social procurement demand and the capacity of social benefit suppliers as well as the inaccessibility of many of the contracts. A handful of proactive social […]

  • The social procurement mismatch

    From Commonwealth to state to local, governments across Australia are establishing ambitious social procurement targets. Industry now needs to rethink their procurement and contracting approach if they are to meet these obligations and achieve traction in social procurement. Social procurement promises a better future for people in the downward cycle of long-term unemployment. Social procurement […]

  • Change is happening and Ganbina can prove it

    Ganbina is an Indigenous led organisation based in Shepparton, Victoria. Social Ventures Australia supported Ganbina through the SVA venture philanthropy program until 2016 and has recently conducted an SROI report evaluating the social impact created over the last four years compared to the investment. This year, we have been confronted with the truth of inequity […]

  • How educators are responding to Covid-19 and how the nation is responding to them

    SVA Bright Spots Schools Connection educators at a Thought Leadership Gathering

    Our schools have been thrown into the spotlight as the Covid-19 crisis has unfolded and, like all sectors, education has rapidly and repeatedly transformed into a ‘new normal’. When whole systems switched to remote learning, educators began repurposing their lessons to suit new modes of delivery, learning new pedagogies and upskilling on the use of […]

  • Combatting social isolation – lessons learnt from the Covid-19 experience

    older woman sitting at window staring out

    Most social services organisations are already aware of the challenges of social isolation, especially for the elderly and those with chronic health conditions or disabilities. Because of the need for people to self-isolate at home during the Covid-19 crisis, loneliness now has more attention than ever before. We spoke to five social services organisations, as […]

  • Returning to country

    Indigenous people on country burning of

    The coronavirus pandemic presents an unlikely opportunity for some Aboriginal people seeking sanctuary on their traditional country. This is the third in our 3-part series sharing stories from SVA clients, partners and friends in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, where people are uniquely affected by the coronavirus crisis. Part 1 of the series […]

  • 7 Steps for keeping the lights on: Support for social enterprises (Covid-19 impact response)

    Email us at cstimpson@socialventures.com.au to set up a free office hour. Please include your business name, website and overview of your situation.

    The COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly unfolding with significant impact on small businesses, especially social enterprises and Indigenous businesses. Major disruptions to our work and social lives are expected for the next six months. Planning is critical in order to survive an immediate loss in revenue, cash flow constraints, due liabilities, disruption in supply and most importantly impacts on employees. Here are seven great steps for keeping the lights on during this chaotic time.

  • ‘Fortress Groote’: managing safety, services and a mining economy in a remote Indigenous community

    Atnas Maeko from Bush Fit Mob during training with local staff

    As we are seeing in Australia’s highly populated areas, managing the interconnectedness of health, economic and social needs is complex amidst the coronavirus crisis. On the Groote Archipelago in the Northern Territory – where mining operations sit alongside local Indigenous communities – the situation is especially complex and the risks perhaps higher. At the start […]

  • A conversation, not a broadcast: how Indigenous radio stations are responding to the coronavirus crisis

    Indigenous woman at radio station desk with headphones & mic in front

    Many of us are incessantly checking our phones for coronavirus news. In remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, it’s the radio that is helping to keep people safe, calm and informed. Indigenous radio is a vital community asset – as we reported in our analysis for the Australian Government in 2017. Despite inconsistent funding, […]

  • Working with fire through traditional burning

    In the midst of a national bush fire crisis, Director, Consulting Brendan Ferguson discusses how we could look to Indigenous knowledge to lead the way. Australians are still coming to terms with the devastating bush fires that continue to burn across the country. As we reflect on what can be done to reduce the risk […]