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Reflecting on FY19

It’s always valuable to look back at the end of another financial year and reflect on the stories of impact we have had the privilege to be part of. Throughout FY19, SVA Consulting had the chance to work with 120 clients over 196 projects. From building an outcomes framework for the Indigenous Land and Sea Management sector to alleviating the financial hardship caused by funerals, it has been a year of amazing insights and meaningful outcomes.

Below we have shared just a few of these stories.

As we reflect on the year, what stands out above all is the dedication of our clients to a fairer and more inclusive Australia. So as we embark on a new financial year, we’d like to take the time to acknowledge your passion and commitment to alleviating disadvantage so that all people and communities thrive. Thank you and we look forward to continuing to work with you again soon.

FY19 in numbers

At the heart of our work is our commitment to address disadvantage and improve the lives of all people in Australia. As you can see from the map, our ‘office’ is wherever you are, with our diverse clients and communities coming from all across the country. This financial year we’ve been busy delivering 196 projects, with 55% of this work coming from return clients.

FY19 in numbers


93% of our clients said that the outcome of our work together had been either 'Very important' or 'Important'


90% of clients said that they will implement either 'most' or 'all' of our recommendations.


88% of our clients responded with an 8 or above out of 10 when asked how likely they were to recommend SVA Consulting to a friend or colleague.