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Operate effectively to realise your strategy

You have a vision for a better world and a bold strategy for how to achieve it. But is your organisation working effectively and efficiently to realise your vision and deliver your strategy?

Many organisations evolve their operating model organically over time, creating a complex web of systems, processes, and people that can be costly and time-consuming, and may not reflect best practice for how to best achieve outcomes. At SVA Consulting, we help organisations cut through the complexity to identify and unlock the capabilities required to do what really matters: deliver improved outcomes in a financially sustainable way. We have developed and shared our own framework on what makes an effective social sector organisation – the SVA Fundamentals for Impact.

Whether you’re looking to take a human-centred approach to designing your services, review your service model against market and sector trends before you scale, or understand what truly matters to clients, our team can support you to ensure you are set up for success.