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Understand, prove and improve your impact

You have a mission to achieve positive social change – but how do you know if you’re actually achieving it?

At SVA, we believe that understanding your impact is non-negotiable for those in the social sector. We all have a responsibility to know whether our activities lead to positive change – we owe it to the people we support, but also to those who work with and support us.

SVA Consulting has helped set the agenda for social impact measurement and evaluation in Australia. Over the past decade, we have supported organisations and programs of all sizes to measure, prove and improve their impact. We understand that evidence needs to be reliable, useful and practical in order to spark insight and drive decision-making.

From developing outcomes frameworks, to leading Social Return on Investment (SROI) studies, or supporting organisations to manage to outcomes, SVA Consulting can help you understand and describe your impact, and use that information to deliver better outcomes.