Information for Funders

Strategic philanthropy, with real impact

SVA is the leading practitioner of venture philanthropy in Australia, having pioneered the approach since our establishment in 2002, 15 years ago. Through our venture philanthropy portfolio, SVA brings together funders, partners and ventures to create better social outcomes.

We provide philanthropists with an efficient way of identifying and supporting evidence-based organisations and innovative solutions that are effectively addressing some of the most complex problems facing the Australian community.

SVA’s strategic guidance increases a venture partner’s chance of success and delivers a greater social return on investment. Funders can also boost their effectiveness by linking, learning and acting with others.

‘The Bryan Foundation has supported SVA for almost a decade. We continue to be impressed by the foresight and rigour they bring to their projects. In supporting SVA, we know that we are supporting initiatives that create real impact – not only for the people and communities who have direct contact with SVA supported programs, but also on broader policy and practice. They take a long-term view, and it works!’

Jill Simes – Chair, Bryan Foundation

Benefits of giving through the SVA venture philanthropy portfolio

Our venture philanthropy model provides a strategic approach to giving more effectively. By working with SVA, funders:

  • Safeguard their philanthropic funding, placing it in experienced, trusted hands;
  • Support outstanding social ventures that have been carefully chosen and developed;
  • Enable learnings to be gained and shared on best practice methods for reducing disadvantage;
  • Amplify their impact through sector-wide collaboration; and
  • Join a community of engaged philanthropists.

SVA has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. All donations are tax deductible.

We provide funders with regular progress updates and host events with opportunities to meet other funders and venture partners.

‘Samsung aims to work with the community to create positive social change at an individual, community and system level. SVA is an important partner to help create this kind of change because they work strategically across sectors, offer an informed, intelligent and independent perspective and use evidence-based thinking to implement real-world projects.’

Tess Ariotti – Head of Corporate Social Responsibility , Samsung Electronics Australia

Our approach

SVA partners with incubation stage, innovative models that have high potential to transform how services are delivered. SVA’s support catalyses their ability to prove their model and strategically focus on how they can have wider impact.

Growth stage ventures are beginning to establish themselves and SVA works with them to capitalise on their early success, and grow the impact of their model.

Critically, as the ventures in the portfolio reach scale stage and become increasingly resilient, they require less ‘hands on’ involvement from SVA and we start to step back to prepare for the venture to graduate from the portfolio.

How to get involved

SVA’s venture philanthropy portfolio is national in scope, with current venture partnerships in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. The SVA Venture Philanthropy Impact Report 2017 shares more insights on the results the ventures in our portfolio have achieved.

We would love to speak with you about how SVA can support your philanthropic journey. Please get in touch with Katie McLeish, Director, Partnerships.