SVA Venture Philanthropy

Strategic philanthropy, with social impact

More than one million people continue to experience disadvantage in Australia despite billions of dollars being poured into social services. We believe that lives can be improved if resources are used to do more of what works best, and less of what doesn’t.

At Social Ventures Australia (SVA), we collaborate with funders, partners and social purpose organisations, and leverage knowledge and funding to find and support solutions to society’s most complex problems.

Our knowledge and work is focused on challenges associated with education, employment, housing and with First Australians. For more information please read the SVA Venture Philanthropy Impact Report 2017 (PDF, 2MB).


SVA’s venture philanthropy model

Venture philanthropy is a strategic way to give more effectively. Supporting an SVA venture partnership enables funders to be part of a community of engaged philanthropists that support innovative social ventures to become stronger and more impactful.

SVA supports ventures to increase their impact, prove that what they are doing works, and extend the benefits of their models to other communities facing similar needs. We customise our partnerships and take a multi-year, engaged approach which includes:

SVA support

SVA partners with social purpose organisations with the potential for significant impact, both to positively impact the lives of people in need and to influence the way the system works. We also incubate solutions where we see a specific need.

Our collaborative approach and ability to draw lessons from across our portfolio make us uniquely placed to influence systems change.

SVA’s venture philanthropy model connects funders with a portfolio of high impact ventures, which creates opportunities to:

  • Support outstanding social ventures, by providing them access to SVA’s deep knowledge of best practice and evidence based methods for reducing disadvantage;
  • Share learnings between social entrepreneurs and funders, and build an evidence base to maximise social impact; and
  • Amplify impact through sector-wide collaboration, and create a community of entrepreneurs, engaged philanthropists, business and government partners.

This model leverages the power of the corporate, social and government sectors to achieve better outcomes for people in disadvantaged communities.

Together we can build innovative solutions to tackle disadvantage.

To learn more about how SVA could support your philanthropic journey, please contact Katie McLeish Director, Partnerships.

Tailored support to funders

We can also support funders by providing a tailored package that includes strategic grant selection, and building the capacity of grantees.

Grant management support may include:

  • Design of social impact strategy
  • Design of grant guidelines and selection of grantees
  • Outcomes management and evaluation
  • Event and showcasing support

Capacity building to grantees may include:

  • Support to grantee leadership team to improve operating processes and capabilities​
  • Input into grantee organisational strategic planning
  • Evidence base development and impact evaluation​
  • Access to networks​

Most recently we have collaborated with Google to deliver their 2016 Global Impact Challenge in Australia. As Google’s Australian implementation partner, SVA supported:

  • Selection of grantees aligned to Google’s strategic vision
  • Grantees to successfully execute their projects and maximise their social impact with sustainability
  • Connections to industry partners and advisors to support the growth and development of grantees.