Housing Investments

SVA considers access to affordable and stable housing one of the keys to overcoming disadvantage in Australia. We support community housing providers, Government and innovative partners to overcome the housing challenges faced by our generation.

SVA acknowledges the systemic challenges in investing private, repayable capital into the housing continuum, from homelessness through to affordable housing. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Rental yields significantly below market
  • Public housing stock (transferred to non-Government providers) with unfunded maintenance obligations
  • Shortage of development sites, suitably located for the tenants i.e. proximity to education and employment, close to public transport
  • High cost of land, especially in Sydney and Melbourne metro
  • Poorly defined planning regulations regarding social / affordable housing inclusions

Despite these challenges,

SVA believes Impact Investing has a key role to play in connecting private social impact capital into the sector to create new stock and scale new and innovative operating models that will drive improved outcomes for those most disadvantaged within our community.

In order to achieve this SVA works in partnership with key stakeholders from across the sector including Government, community housing providers, service providers, developers, property advisors, corporates and investors.

SVA provides the following suite of financing and advisory services:

  • Financing mixed developments with long-dated funding and flexible terms
  • Structuring social impact bonds to finance evidence based, outcomes focussed service delivery programs
  • Feasibility studies on potential developments / housing projects
  • Arranging / managing consortia to deliver large scale social / affordable housing initiatives
  • Advising / educating Government and investors on leveraging impact investment to achieve housing outcomes

For more information about how SVA could support your work in the housing sector please contact Rebecca Thomas on rthomas@socialventures.com.au or 02 8004 6710.