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SVA is a social purpose organisation that works with partners to improve the lives of people in need in Australia. We help businesses, governments and philanthropists to be more effective funders and social purpose organisations to be more effective at delivering services.

If you are passionate about building a fairer Australia, we invite you to view our current job openings and access related position descriptions.

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SVA values diversity in our workforce and encourages applications from candidates of all backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

A shared purpose

Social Ventures Australia brings together a group of talented individuals, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and gives them an opportunity to work towards a shared purpose. To eliminate disadvantage and build an Australia where everyone has a chance to thrive.

Our team is a passionate bunch who are committed to putting collective outcomes ahead of individual achievement. We’ve created an environment where we challenge one another to be better every day, but do so in a genuinely considerate and supportive way.

We encourage each other to be our best selves, both personally, and professionally.

Our core values

Here at SVA there are a number of values we hold dear. They guide the way we work with our partners, clients, and each other.

Accountability                 Integrity

Humility                            Respect

We have a very distinct culture at SVA and our entire team works hard to stay true to these core values. Our team is willing to give things a go and commit to action. While passion motivates us, evidence informs the solutions we create. We recognise that the best solutions require experimentation, risk, and a sprinkle of courage, and our culture provides space for this. We’re honest about what we don’t know and open to failure. While we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That means you’ll be having fun, whether you’re working on a complex project, or taking a break with a friendly game of scrabble.

Be yourself

One of the best things about SVA is that our people can bring their whole self to work. We’ve created an atmosphere of openness and trust where people are encouraged to be authentic and true to themselves.

It’s our steadfast belief that diversity of social and cultural background, lived and professional experience makes us better at what we do. In light of this SVA actively seeks individuals of all backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Support, autonomy, flexibility

You’ll find generosity of spirit and a willingness to help everywhere you look at SVA. We love what we do but we also understand that life is about more than just work. We’ve implemented a number of policies that aim to help our team live a healthy, happy, balanced life.

These include:

Additional leave

After two years of continuous employment at SVA, staff are entitled to an additional five days leave.

Flexible work

A large part of SVA’s team are currently accessing our flexible work options. These include flexible hours, working from home, part-time work, and job sharing.

Discounted childcare

SVA has partnered with Goodstart Early Learning to offer discounted rates for eligible SVA employees.

Support for working parents

Employees who are primary carers receive 12 weeks paid parental leave, while secondary carers are entitled to two weeks paid parental leave. Expecting parents also have access to the Grace Papers digital support platform.

Employee Assistance Program

A free and confidential service for SVA employees and their immediate family members that provides access to accredited psychologists and social workers.


People and remuneration practices

As at March 2018 SVA had 109 staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

SVA is committed to ensuring our remuneration practices enable the organisation to:

  • Provide fair and reasonable remuneration to employees for the services they provide to the organisation;
  • Attract and retain talented people from business, government and the social purpose sector with the skills, knowledge and experience to lead great change;
  • Motivate and inspire employees to perform in the best interests of SVA and its stakeholders;
  • Provide an appropriate level of transparency across the organisation; and
  • Meet relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

Remuneration is reviewed on an annual basis with due consideration to:

  • organisational financial position and performance (including ability to pay);
  • comparable industry and social sector standards as informed by external market data; and
  • individual performance.

SVA’s performance review and development practices aim to provide managers and team members with a guide to achieving a fair, transparent and consistent approach to enabling performance excellence and guided professional development for everyone across the organisation.

The bi-annual Performance Review and Development process assists our people to clearly articulate the core objectives of their role and supports the design of a practical Development Plan to enable every member of SVA’s team to achieve their short and longer-term career goals.

A day in the life of SVA’s consulting team

Working in the Consulting team at SVA means that no two days are the same. What is constant, however, are the rewarding, challenging and innovative opportunities to apply your expert strategy and consulting skills to some of the most complex and persistent issues facing those in need in Australia. Select a profile below to see what a Day in the Life looks like for our Consulting team

A Day in the Life – Associate Consultant (PDF 2MB)

A Day in the Life – Consultant (PDF 107KB)

A Day in the Life – Principal (PDF 105KB)

A Day in the Life – Director (PDF 2MB)

Meet some of the SVA staff and alumni

Find out more about the people who work with SVA, and what past staff have gone onto after SVA.

Arriving at a career on purpose

Susie King and Malcolm Garrow, Directors in the consulting team share what has brought them to a career in the sector. In this SVA Quarterly, they give a fresh perspective on the Australian social sector and share what’s brought them to a career at SVA.

‘ … the people bring an amazing range of experiences and a passion to make a difference.’

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Once were SVA: where are they now?

Six SVA alumni share what they are up to now and how their time at SVA shaped what and how they do what they do.

When you want social impact you need both the social and business skillset.

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People and purpose: What made the SVA staff offsite a success

Partnerships Associate Lindsey Ritchie talks about the most recent SVA staff offsite and the role it plays in informing SVA’s progressive workplace culture.

‘For the whole Social Ventures Australia team, the SVA offsite is a chance to reconnect with each other, and our shared purpose.’

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Boss Young Executives 2017

Suzie Riddell, Executive Director, Strategy and Projects has been named one of six Boss Young Executives 2017. Read the article.  

‘Great leaders excel at innovation, at collaboration and also at participation.’


Real Men Flex: Brendan Ferguson

Brendan Ferguson, Principal, Consulting spoke with Grace Papers, a program that supports professionals through pregnancy and beyond. Brendan spoke to them about his decision to take 7 and a half months paternity leave to take on the role of primary-carer, and how he combines career and fatherhood.

‘I’m very grateful for the support that SVA has afforded me as primary carer and I’m proud to work for an organisation that is willing to invest in its staff. Given that we are a small/medium sized non-profit organisation with finite resources, that investment is not insubstantial.’

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Relationship, relationship, relationship

Susan Black, SVA alumni reflects on her time at SVA and the growth and impact of the organisation. In this blog her parting words of advise highlight a key aspect of work at SVA is building relationships of trust and collaboration across sectors.

If asked what are the three most important aspects of work at SVA? I would say: Relationship, relationship, relationship.

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The Importance of a client a client-centred approach for working in the social sector

Jonathan Finighan, Associate Consultant had the privilege of working with Indigenous social purpose organisation Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa. This work caused him to reflect on the importance of being ready to listen and ready to learn.

‘For me, this was a thought-provoking example of how the distance of being a consultant can be a real strength in helping social purpose organisations to be more effective at delivering services.’

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Three weeks in the desert: engaging with Indigenous communities

In this SVA Quarterly Brendan Ferguson, Principal, Consulting explores the Martu people’s deep connection to country through a Social Return on Investment analysis.

‘The SROI analysis is driven by stakeholder engagement, which in this case necessitates a three-week field trip to the Martu communities.’

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