Beacon set to help more young people into employment with new funding from J.P. Morgan

The Beacon Foundation is gearing up to deliver the Real Futures Generation (RFG) program to 1500 new students after J.P. Morgan committed to funding an expansion of the program in New South Wales and Victoria.

The RFG initiative supports disadvantaged young Australians move into real and meaningful jobs through building their work readiness skills, while simultaneously matching demand for talent with young people who, without the support of RFG, are unlikely to have qualified for the role. Students are introduced to different industry and career options, participate in business-led classroom lessons, and have the opportunity to be matched with a potential employer for a tailored workplace training program.

Students participating in the Beacon Real Futures Generation program at Hilton Manufacturing.

Since the program started in 2012, 224 young people have started careers with 37 businesses throughout Australia. Almost three quarters (74%) came from low SES communities and 11% of those placed in jobs were Indigenous. A further 3600 students have received education and training that will assist them to get a foothold in other jobs once they leave school.

Beacon CEO Scott Harris commented ‘The additional funding from J.P. Morgan will allow the program to expand in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as tap into different industry sectors and establish new business relationships resulting in 35 new jobs for young people who are at risk of not being in education, employment or training.’

The expansion will be led by two full-time staff members at Beacon, and supported by Social Ventures Australia (SVA).

Rob Priestley, Chief Executive Officer, J.P. Morgan ASEAN region and Australia and New Zealand said, ‘We are extremely pleased to be investing in a program that supports the future of young Australians. RFG delivers real skills and knowledge, leading to employment which changes the course of the students’ lives and ensures they have the best possible start to a long and productive career.’

Social Ventures Australia Executive Director Kevin Robbie said, ‘RFG is a place-based collaboration preparing students at risk of youth unemployment to find sustainable employment and build careers in or close to their home communities so we are delighted that J.P. Morgan has made this significant investment to enable the expansion. ’