• SSE Australia Welcomes Celia Hodson as CEO

    School for Social Entrepreneurs welcomes Celia Hodson as CEO

  • Last ever AIME National Hoodie Day

    AIME, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience helps indigenous students finish high school and move on to further education.

  • Making a difference in the world

    SVA Consulting works with clients to make a difference in the world.

  • New support for social enterprises in Western Australia

    The Western Australian SEF works with social enterprises across the state

  • Helping dreams become reality

    Ganbina works with Indigenous students to help them stay in school and make their dreams a reality.

  • Launch of Australian Philanthropic Services

    Australian Philanthropic Services provide private ancillary fund services to clients on a non profit basis.

  • Two SVA venture partners enter into a unique social enterprise arrangement

    SVA’s venture partners STREAT and Fair Business have done a unique deal.

  • Expanding Australia’s impact investing market

    SVA expands the impact investing market with the launch of Australia’s first social benefit bond.

  • Townsville leading the way in social enterprise development

    SVA visits Townsville to focus on social enterprise.

  • SROI: Lessons learned in Australia

    Social Return on Investment (SROI) measures impact in the community.

  • SVA welcomes two new venture partners

    SVA welcomes Catherine House and CareerTrackers to the venture portfolio.

  • Taking the guess work out of grantmaking

    Managing philanthropic funding and private ancillary funds.

  • Impact investing in action

    SVA was a key partner in the GoodStart impact investing transaction.

  • Working it Out

    Indigenous employment is unacceptably high.

  • Nurturing growth of social enterprise in Queensland

    SVA has nurtured the growth of social enterprise in Queensland.

  • Something to sing about

    The Song Room provides free, tailored, long-term music and arts-based programs for children in disadvantaged and high need communities.

  • SVA Education Dialogue: Turning bright spots into a bright system

    SVA Education Dialogue is helping turn bright spots in education into a bright system.

  • Connecting bright spots to their potential

    The SVA Education Dialogue connects bright spots to create a bright system.

  • New support for social enterprises in Queensland

    SVA has supported social enterprise in Queensland.

  • New appointment to the SVA Board

    The Smith Family’s Dr Lisa O’Brien joins the SVA Board

  • The ACT gets behind social enterprise

    The ACT Social Enterprise Hub works with small to medium enterprises.

  • Just go for it!

    Reflections on philanthropy

  • Ambition meets conscience

    Teach for Australia believes exceptional teachers can change a disadvantaged students’ life.

  • SVA venture partners to speak at TEDxCanberra

    SVA venture partners spoke at TEDx.

  • Good for advisers, good for clients

    Private Ancillary Funds facilitate philanthropy.