Social Ventures Australia awarded Best Workplace 2021

Social Ventures Australia (SVA) has been awarded a Best Workplace Winner 2021 by Voice Project Australia.  

Voice Project Australia presents Best Workplace Awards to organisations which ‘have achieved exceptional levels of employee engagement and satisfaction’ with employees feeling ‘supported, empowered and engaged’.  

SVA Board Chair Rob Koczkar welcomed the award, noting that it is particularly meaningful given the challenges of the past two years.   

‘SVA is proud to receive the Best Workplace Award. One of SVA’s core values is to place people are at the centre of everything we do, and that includes our staff. It means a lot to know that our people feel so positively about working at SVA, especially after the stresses and uncertainties of the pandemic.’ 

Voice Project examined three drivers of organisational performance: engagement (job satisfaction, staff commitment to the organisation), wellbeing (emotional wellness at work and ability to manage work stress), and progress (staff perceptions about current organisational performance and optimism about the future).  

Acting CEO Matthew Deeble acknowledged that the award was the result of a dedicated focus on empowering staff and building the right structures within the organisation.  

‘We take employee wellbeing seriously at SVA. People come to work at SVA because they believe in our ambition of an Australia where all people and communities can thrive. We also know our best chance of reaching that goal is when our own people are thriving.’  

A group of SVA team members including Acting CEO holding Best Workplace Award and smiling
SVA team members, with Acting CEO Matthew Deeble and Director People & Culture Heather McQuiggin, holding the Best Workplace Award 2021

‘Supportive and productive working environments are not a one-off achievement but require on-going attention. We still have areas we can improve on as an organisation, and we remain dedicated to continuing this work.’     

‘Thank you to each and every member of the SVA team for making our organisation the type of workplace where everyone feels engaged and supported. We all contribute to the vibrant culture that makes working here so rewarding.’