SVA strengthens its commitment to a reconciled Australia in its fourth Reconciliation Action Plan

Social Ventures Australia (SVA) is pleased to launch its fourth Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as part of its work towards a reconciled Australia.

SVA has a vision for an Australia where all people and communities thrive. We believe this can be achieved when all Australians are empowered, have a voice in decisions that impact them, have a sense of belonging and experience social inclusion. SVA believes that belonging for all Australians requires, and is enabled through, specific recognition and respect of First Nations knowledge, histories and cultures.

Published today, this Stretch RAP builds on our previous efforts to embed reconciliation as an integral part of the way our organisation operates.

“This RAP acknowledges where we have previously fallen short and defines the actions we will take to remedy this – and go even further,” says SVA CEO Suzie Riddell.

“We are committed to strengthening our allyship with First Nations peoples by furthering our cultural competency and deepening our understanding of how unconscious bias affects our perspectives and actions.”

In this RAP, SVA has embedded RAP targets within each business unit plan, allowing staff to tangibly contribute towards them and increase accountability for achieving them.

“In all that we do, we are guided by a belief that First Nations peoples are experts in their own lives,” continues Riddell. “We support the fundamental right to self-determination and self-governance. We will ensure that First Nations voices are embedded in our work and will use our platforms to amplify First Nations voices so they can lead discussions about issues that affect their people and communities.”

“This RAP has been developed in collaboration with the full SVA team, and with the input of many First Nations leaders we’ve had the privilege of working closely with over many years. I thank them deeply for their wisdom and guidance.”

“All of us at SVA care deeply about achieving a more just society through reconciliation with First Nations peoples and are committed to doing our part to achieve this through our RAP.”

In launching the RAP, Desmond Campbell, SVA’s First Nations Practice Lead, shared his belief that reconciliation requires non-Indigenous organisations like SVA to be active leaders:

“When I visit my home communities, I see First Nations and non-Indigenous people working together to improve outcomes, forming lasting friendships along the way. These friendships are fundamental in building a reconciled Australia, but they’re just one of many steps to be taken. I believe it’s critical for non-Indigenous people, corporations and government to actively lead reconciliation.”

“Having had close involvement with our RAP Working Group and witnessing their attention to detail and commitment to getting the RAP perfect, I have seen a true commitment to a reconciled Australia.”

SVA was proud to work in partnership with Martumili Artists, a Martu arts organisation located in Newman, Western Australia, to purchase an artwork that was used as design inspiration for the RAP.

SVA’s Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan is available here.