Anders Uechtritz

‘I believe those of us lucky enough to be born into a life of privilege and opportunity have a moral obligation to level the playing field and ensure that everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of who you are or where you were born. SVA is a place where I can work towards this goal.’

Anders is a Principal in the consulting team. He works with non-profit, government, and corporate clients to design and implement strategies, outcomes management solutions and organisational changes that support them to increase their social impact. Anders has worked on diverse projects including a two year evaluation of a national mental health initiative, supporting Community Housing Providers to build their measurement and evaluation capabilities, developing a strategy and business plan for a small start-up social enterprise, and most recently, worked with the Paul Ramsay Foundation on their Sustaining our Partners Taskforce.

Prior to joining SVA, Anders was living in Western Kenya as a project manager with two NGOs, where he worked alongside local management to implement community orientated initiatives. Concurrently, he was interning with U.S. based Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), to ensure that sustainable policies were implemented within the community initiatives.

Anders holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Management, as well as a Masters in International Development (Distinction).