Caleb Heard

‘I am fascinated by how purpose drives the growth of a concept from the fragility of inception to the resilience of mainstream uptake. As a purpose-first organisation, SVA is a specialist in nurturing this growth.’

Caleb is a Consultant at Social Ventures Australia. Prior to joining SVA, Caleb worked at the Commonwealth Bank across operational strategy, emerging technology and process analytics. Previously a Consultant at Futureye, he is passionate about applying social licence and risk communication theories. These concepts are powerful in depolarising debate to facilitate productive collaboration, which Caleb believes is a significant global challenge for governments, corporations and communities alike.

Driven by curiosity and creativity, Caleb strives for an exhaustive understanding of a problem space, actively seeking dissenting perspectives to understand and challenge key assumptions. In order to best serve clients, Caleb enjoys leaning into complexity and ambiguity to derive actionable insights. During his time at SVA, Caleb has worked with not-for-profit, government and corporate clients across education, health and community programs.

Caleb holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science (Immunology) from Monash University and is a member of the Global Shapers Community.‚Äč