Michael Lynch

‘Working with a team of passionate, intelligent people, committed to generating solutions to complex social problems is a constant source of inspiration when working at SVA.’

Michael joined SVA in 2017 and is a Senior Advisor the Impact Investing team. The Impact Investing team links socially-oriented organisations with a need for capital to a network of impact investors by developing and managing a range of impact investment instruments that generate both a financial and social return for investors and the broader community.

The Impact Investing team is a leader in bringing returnable capital to complex social issues, developing innovative solutions and products so that great social enterprises and service providers can thrive.

Michael also leads a new disability housing fund, the Synergis Fund established by SVA and Federation Asset Management. Michael has 25 years of banking and financial markets experience in Australia and Europe at organisations including CBA, Merrill Lynch, UBS and Societe Generale. Michael’s experience extends across a range of management and product roles and he has been an advisor to many leading corporates and private equity firms.

Michael has an undergraduate degree in Commerce and a Masters Degree in Applied Finance. He was previously a board member of the Sylvanvale Foundation, a provider of services in the disability sector.