Natalie Klenner

“I care deeply about uplifting the hearts, minds and quality of life for those in Australia and beyond which is why my career has been spent in social impact – a multi-faceted sector, rarely with straight forward solutions. SVA is a vehicle to effect the change I hope to see, and I am privileged to do it within a brilliant team.”

Natalie is a consultant at SVA. She joined SVA with a portfolio of experience in the social impact sector, ranging from Victorian to international contexts. Natalie has experience managing a national youth social entrepreneurship program, a small philanthropic foundation, supporting and providing strategic direction to global development institutions at a tech start up. She also brings experience in designing and facilitating programs to over 10,000 participants ranging from high school students to business executives. Natalie has volunteered at multiple social enterprises to support their growth and scale.

With her, she brings a grassroots perspective of social impact, a strong skillset in community engagement and facilitation, and a passion to collaborate to make lasting change.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Global) from Monash University and is currently completing a Graduate Certificate of Social Impact at Swinburne University.