Prebhjot Kaur

‘We are a developed, prosperous country yet we have not provided a stable income, housing, quality education and an equal opportunity to all our people. I am grateful to work for an organisation that aims to alleviate these issues and create a better Australia.’

Prebhjot Kaur is a Consultant at Social Ventures Australia (SVA) in the Consulting team. She brings a background in business and tax advisory from three years at Ernst & Young and management consulting experience from education consultancy, Curio.

Prebhjot has worked on several projects across strategy, outcomes management and evaluations including working with YMCA Victoria in their disability camping project and conducting social return on investment (SROI) analyses for Cottage by the Sea and SisterWorks. Prebhjot has also worked with social enterprise, Ability Works, on the viability and operating model of temporary fence manufacturing within the ecosystem of the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework. Currently, Prebhjot is working with Developing East Arnhem Limited (DEAL) to develop a prospectus for landowners that stipulates the economic development aspirations of Yolŋu and summarises economic development research in the region.

Her passion for social impact has led Prebhjot to pursue various volunteering opportunities such as joining the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative committee at university, leading a not-for-profit sports club of over 400 members and volunteering as a netball coach.

Prebhjot holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm), majoring in Accounting & Finance from Melbourne University and is a Chartered Accountant (CA).