Savin Heng

 ‘As an Executive Assistant, I feel very fortunate to be a part of an organisation where you’re across, and can appreciate, every aspect of the business. I love being able to build new relationships, whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and being a part of many teams whilst contributing in any way to help them shoot for a common goal. It’s being able to achieve, accomplish and thrive in what I do best. Being a part of SVA is an amazing accomplishment on my behalf as it allows me to be a part of an organisation that makes a difference towards the community, which is something I have always aimed to do.’

Savin is the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Social Ventures Australia, working in the Sydney office. Her career history as an Executive Assistant has been varied and exciting, spanning roles in the broadcasting, publications, media and hospitality industries. Savin appreciates a challenge and loves ensuring that things run smoothly. If you have a problem, she will fix it.

Savin is thrilled to now be working in an altruistic industry where she will be able to help her community and grow with the people around her.

Making a difference has long been a focus for Savin. She has spent an extended period of time working with organisations in the outer west supporting the less fortunate, volunteering at soup kitchens during the holidays, organising events such as Australia Barnados Mother of The Year 2018 and doing what she can for the greater community.

Outside work life, Savin has a large family in which her nieces and nephews are her joy. As well as spending time with them, she has a group of friends that live across many continents. Making new friends is a passion of hers, and she hopes the future will include visiting them all, whilst making even more on the way.