Shirley Hamlyn

I am privileged to work with an organisation whose values align with my own, working to uplift and invest in underprivileged communities. SVA brings an innovative approach to the social sector, addressing complex issues through a dynamic and multifocal lens.

Shirley is the Program Coordinator for The Connection, focused on creating positive education outcomes by connecting, leveraging and supporting school leaders. Seeing the inequity both in her work life and day-to-day life in South Africa led her to a career focused on capacity building within the social and education sectors.

Shirley has over 10 years of experience in teaching, operations and consulting. Shirley’s work has included working on school feeding programs, improving access to early childhood learning, youth empowerment, training of not-for-profit organisations in sustainability with regards to program implementation, funding and organisational strategy, as well as helping to create and implement monitoring and evaluation tools and systems.

Shirley has a certificate in Early Childhood Development and a BA in Health Sciences and Social Services majoring in Psychological Counselling.