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What is the SNAICC Early Years Support initiative?

First Nations families have immense richness, diversity and strengths in raising children. They are experts in their own lives and are best placed to respond to their family and community needs.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled early learning services have huge potential to enhance these strengths and improve the outcomes for First Nations children and families. However, these organisations face many challenges that inhibit their success.

SVA is supporting SNAICC – the National Voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children, to grow a strong network of culturally safe and accessible early years services for First Nations children. SNAICC Early Years Support (EYS, formerly THRYVE) has set up three state-wide intermediaries across NSW, WA and Victoria to increase the reach and strength of the First Nations early years sector.

The need

Australia’s racist history of policies that unfairly target First Nations children and families continue to drive experiences of inter-generational disadvantage, trauma and discrimination. These issues have far-reaching impacts on children.

1in 3

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are living below the poverty line


less likely to attend early childhood education and care before pre-school than non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children


more likely to have developmental vulnerabilities by the age of 5 than non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Learn more about the State Models

SVA has walked alongside SNAICC throughout development of the EYS unit. We are providing a range of supports to help with project implementation, ranging from co-design, strategy development and advice, to data analysis, evidence briefs, fundraising and coordination support.

Jo G

Jo Goulding

National Director


Being a part of this amazing project for broader change is an incredible opportunity. Local decision making at the heart of the work aligns with our own cultural, personal, and professional values. We are a strong proud team of Aboriginal professionals that are passionate and driven. Our centres, their staff, communities and little ones inspire and motivate us every day.