Across SVA’s portfolio of activities we welcome the participation and engagement of corporate sponsors, low bono and pro bono partners.

The generous contribution of these organisations is helping SVA change the lives of disadvantaged Australians. We encourage you to contact SVA to discuss opportunities to achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

‘For the past two decades Australia has been riding a wave of prosperity, but not all Australians have been able to share that ride. All Australians should be able to define their dreams and futures for themselves and have the tools to make these futures possible. SVA has created a national network of like-minded people and organisations – from passionate and effective social entrepreneurs to enlightened and committed philanthropists – all sharing the same objective and contributing the necessary skills and funding to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share in a brighter tomorrow’.

Craig Dunn, CEO and Managing Director, AMP. AMP is a long term financial sponsor and pro bono supporter of SVA.


‘The Macquarie Group Foundation has supported SVA since 2003. When SVA pitched the idea of a strategic consulting practice for the non-profit sector, our Foundation Board immediately recognised its value and knew we also need to be a long-term partner for this initiative to truly succeed. Five years later we are proud to continue as the principal support of SVA Consulting. Over the years, the Macquarie Group Foundation and SVA have partners in other ways; it is the depth of this engagement, beyond just our financial commitment, that we have been so pleased to share’.

Lisa George, Head, Macquarie Group Foundation. Macquarie Group continues to provide strategic financial support to SVA Consulting as well as significant pro bono assistance with key sector capacity building activities.