Morgan Coleman’s story

“CareerTrackers has changed my life. The pinnacle of my internship was giving a speech with the CEO of Lend Lease, Mark Menhinnitt, at the company’s Reconciliation Action Plan launch. It’s hard when I look back to think this was ever possible. 18 months ago I was cleaning pools and now I am sharing the stage with a company’s CEO.”

Morgan Coleman, Participant, CareerTrackers

Nevertheless, through hard work and strength of character he won a place at the University of Melbourne to study commerce, the first in his family to do so. ‘The first couple of years were tough. I never really felt comfortable or like I belonged there until I became involved with CareerTrackers,’ Morgan says.

Morgan had always thought about getting into property development but had been frequently told that he needed 20 years experience in construction for this to happen. With the help of CareerTrackers, Morgan was able to secure an internship with Lend Lease while studying at university.

‘I have worked on an incredibly diverse set of projects and developed so many professional skills. I now feel comfortable walking into the office and attending meetings with executives. I feel confident in voicing my opinion in areas in which I have knowledge. I was mentored and developed professionally by a company that really believes in investing in Indigenous people.’