Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank has a strong and respected track record of providing quality financial education and community support programs in Australia. Delivering nationally significant and globally leading programs to help improve the education outcomes of young Australians, the Commonwealth Bank aims to enhance financial wellbeing and help enable future prosperity.

In early 2015, the Commonwealth Bank announced a $50m community investment strategy and in June that year partnered with Social Ventures Australia on the Australian Teaching and Learning Toolkit Initiative to enable and support a culture of evidence-informed practice in schools.

As Principal Sponsor of the Toolkit Initiative, the Commonwealth Bank will work together with Social Ventures Australia to help improve the learning outcomes of students in Australian schools, particularly those experiencing disadvantage.

“To take the advantages that we have in Australia, we are going to need to invest in the skills of the future, to make sure our economy adapts successfully to the future … This Toolkit enables proven educational techniques to be shared right across schools, right across the country. This is where we’ve decided our contribution is going to be in education over the next three years and beyond. Because better schools make a better country.”

Ian Narev, CEO, Commonwealth Bank

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