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September 23, 2015

The business of creating a fair share

Executive Director’s note from Issue 13, September 2015.

Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz

Business has begun to realise the commercial benefits of an expanded sense of social responsibility.

The recent announcement of superannuation fund HESTA’s $30m commitment to impact investing heralds a new growth phase in the market.  Other institutional investors are expected to commit to this promising asset class which generates both social and financial returns. Alex Oppes explores how and why the investor interest has changed as well as what the next generation of large-scale impact investing opportunities is likely to look like.

In the business of shared value, SVA Consulting’s Director, Gillian Turnbull explores how corporates, non-profit organisations and government can work together to optimise corporates’ efforts in creating more shared value.

ManpowerGroup’s global CEO, Jonas Prising has a message for corporates to ensure they have the kind of workforce that they will need in the future. He identifies three strategies, which have implications for inclusion and equity as well as productivity, and emphasises that companies can’t leave it to government and education departments alone.

With declining outcomes in education in spite of increased funding and autonomy, Matthew Deeble puts the case for supporting school leaders to adopt more evidence based approaches to interventions. The Commonwealth Bank has made a catalytic investment in resources and tools that will build and share the evidence base.

And evidence is at the heart of Patrick Flynn’s article on how to advocate for change using the data-based results of discrete but successful initiatives; these proven programs can act as catalysts for system change.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and insights.
Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz
Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz
Executive Director,
SVA Consulting

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