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August 30, 2018

Growing effectiveness – one year on

The SVA Fundamentals for Impact have encouraged organisations in the social sector to recognise that effectiveness in this sector is determined by more than just internal capability – being client centred and engaged with the ecosystem is also critically important.

This month marks a year since SVA launched the SVA Fundamentals for Impact. Over that time we have learnt a lot about how to use and adapt the framework to help funders, investors, intermediaries and service providers understand how they can be more effective.

Given one of the characteristics of the SVA Fundamentals for Impact is to cultivate a learning culture, we wanted to share a collection of articles that speak to elements of the Fundamentals for Impact, and to invite your feedback about how you have used the framework in your work.

Please read, share and let us know what you have learned through drawing on the SVA Fundamentals for Impact – so that we can continue to learn, iterate and contribute to effective practice throughout the social purpose sector.

Overview of the SVA Fundamentals for Impact


SVA Fundamentals for Impact: are you doing good?

The SVA Fundamentals for Impact enable organisations to assess whether they are being effective and how they can do better. International social impact consultant David Pritchard explains why and how the framework was developed.


On being client centred


Are you really focused on your clients?

Katya Andreyeva provides some prompts to help you reflect on how well you know your clients and what they need, drawing upon the SVA Fundamentals for Impact.


group of execs looking through glasses at clients

Not-for-profit boards: put clients first

Not-for-profit boards need to put clients ahead of their own organisation’s ambitions, says Robert Fitzgerald AM – whether in the context of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships or other organisational priorities.


On being effectively run


Embedding continuous improvement

The role of the ‘virtuous 8’ in driving sustainable social change in social purpose organisations (and their funders). Duncan Peppercorn outlines the framework that supports organisations to get better at what they do.


car going up a hill past signposts spelling OUTCOMES

How to adopt an outcomes-focused approach

This step-by-step guide for setting up an outcomes management approach is drawn from Managing to Outcomes: A guide to developing an outcomes focus. Part one covers defining how you create the change. Part two describes measuring outcomes.


On engaging with the ecosystem


Systems that learn: creating an education evidence ecosystem

To get Australia’s children learning as well as any in the world, we need rigorous evidence of what works and why – accessible to every teacher, principal and policy-maker, John Bush explains.

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