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June 9, 2015

Impact: in a different league

Executive Director’s note from Issue 12, June 2015.

Olivia HiltonStuart Lloyd-Hurwitz

How do we increase our social impact? It’s a question our clients and partners ask every day and the challenge at the heart of our work.

There are many different answers. In this issue of the Quarterly we look at just a few of them; outcomes based funding approaches, using evidence to inform innovation and decision making, and being strategic and vigilant in the way we measure, communicate and prioritise the problems we are seeking to solve.

In the following pages we’ll share the story of how the National Rugby League (NRL) has re-focused its community investments to increase its impact. We’ll also share insights from SVA’s CEO Rob Koczkar and the Education Endowment Foundation’s CEO Kevan Collins on the importance of data, evidence and innovation in creating meaningful and game-changing social change.

Two practical articles will help you: to get clarity on the complex problems that you deal with in your organisation; and to assess whether the programs you work on might be appropriate for a social impact bond (SIB).

I for one will continue to ponder best approaches to increasing social impact as I head off on maternity leave. I leave you in the very capable hands of Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz who will be Acting Executive Director of SVA Consulting.

Olivia Hilton
Olivia Hilton
Executive Director,
SVA Consulting
Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz
Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz
Acting Executive Director,
SVA Consulting
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