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Young people unemployed*

1 in 3

Young people underemployed*


Job seekers for every entry-level role**

*Brotherhood of St Laurence, Youth Unemployment Monitor, December 2020

**Ziffer, D. (2020, Oct 14). Jobseekers outnumber vacant jobs by as much as 106-to-one, study warning of coronavirus employment crisis reveals. ABC.

The issue

Young people in Australia are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than the rest of the working age population. An even larger group of young people are underemployed. The Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated the gap, disproportionately affecting young people at risk of long-term economic exclusion.

Mainstream employment services are often inadequate to meet the needs of young people experiencing complex barriers to employment. Young people are often placed into insecure roles that are not aligned to their skills or aspirations for work. These services are often hampered by overly prescriptive requirements and top-down delivery.

Review’s approach

Review influences systems to deliver better employment outcomes for young people by helping organisations deliver more effective youth employment initiatives. Organisations that deliver youth employment initiatives tailored to the individual and diverse needs of participants have a unique role to play in driving better employment outcomes for young people experiencing disadvantage.

Review promotes good practice in youth employment program design and delivery, supporting continuous improvement and better outcomes for young jobseekers. Review builds the capacity of youth employment providers to understand the effectiveness of programs and the impact that they have on young people’s lives. This enables providers to demonstrate value, scale their impact and improve their practice.

Organisations that participate will be able to view the results of their individual programs as well as have access to sector data against which they can benchmark their results. This data may also provide SVA with insights into general characteristics of effective programs, which can be extended to policy influencers and the wider sector.

Positive impact so far

12 tools

launched via the Review website to enable good practice in youth employment initiatives

20 organisations

signed up or in the pipeline to use the Review Platform to measure program performance and impact, and use data to improve practice

300+ young people

being supported by over 30 programs across Australia to share their perspectives and contribute to decision making ensuring services are fit for purpose

Our priorities in FY21

We are seeking $300,000 over two years to scale the impact of the Review Platform.

The recent impact of the Review platform in its first 6 months shows its potential to support the hundreds of youth employment programs that work throughout Australia.

Additional funding will help us to:

  • Scale the network of youth employment providers improving the design, implementation and evaluation of their programs
  • Build understanding of good practice in youth employment program design, delivery and measurement among practitioners, funders and policy influencers
  • Ensure youth voice is present in evaluation of youth employment service effectiveness

Proud funding partners

To become involved, contact

Susan Whillas

Susan Whillas

Employer Engagement Lead

Susan is the Employer Engagement Lead at SVA.

Contact Susan
Ronan Smyth

Ronan Smyth

Associate Director, Employment

Ronan is an Associate Director in the Employment team

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