Information for Ventures

We support maximum impact

We have deep experience working with, and within, social purpose organisations which means we understand how to navigate constrained and fragmented funding, as well as the importance of evidence and capacity building.

Our venture approach provides venture partners with the full package of support they need to focus on driving outcomes.

A venture partnership with SVA provides multi-year customised support that focusses on driving and improving outcomes, and includes:


SVA support

What does SVA look for in a venture partner?

  • Potential for significant impact;
  • Innovative solutions to overcoming disadvantage in education, employment, housing and/or with First Australians;
  • Strong engagement with their beneficiaries, and understanding of their needs;
  • Strong and stable leadership with a drive for continuous improvement;
  • Clear strategy for achieving a vision;
  • Commitment to building an evidence base and sharing learnings; and
  • Enthusiasm to work in partnership with SVA, our partners and fellow ventures.

Benefits of being part of the SVA Ventures portfolio

  • Capacity building and strategic support for the leadership team
  • Support to prove and improve impact by building an evidence base
  • Support from industry leading pro bono partners
  • Access to deep knowledge, and ability to share learnings with SVA, portfolio partners, social sector and government


‘The relationship with SVA will help us to plan for many good things to happen in the community and reciprocally, we can provide knowledge and support to SVA that will help them and their partners to work with other communities like ours to bring about long-term positive benefits.’ 

June Oscar AO, CEO, Marninwarntikura, Venture in the portfolio


Over an average partnership period of six years, the ventures in our portfolio achieve an average annual growth in beneficiaries of 50% and an average annual growth in turnover of 40%.


‘Without SVA being hands on in the trenches with us – helping to build our credibility externally, whilst shaping our operations internally – we simply would never have got to where we are.’

Jack Manning Bancroft, CEO, AIME, Venture alumni


The SVA Venture Philanthropy Impact Report 2017 shares more insights on the results the ventures in our portfolio have achieved.

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Resources for ventures

Training/support opportunities

Funding/grant opportunities

Collaborative funding/giving networks

  • 100 Women: Collaborative giving group focussed on supporting non-profit organisations that help women and girls
  • The Funding Network: Hosts collective giving events to support local organisations
  • Meridian Global Foundation: Collective giving network supporting Perth-based organisations
  • Impact 100: Collaborative giving group that provides pooled funding to non-profit organisations in WA (with equivalent groups in NSW, SA and VIC).
  • 10×10: National crowd funding for grassroots charities

Investment opportunities

Crowdfunding platforms