ACH Group: 5-year strategic plan

ACH Group is a leading provider of aged care in South Australia with a strong focus on delivering on its mission to create “Good Lives for Older People”. In 2019, with the appointment of a new CEO, ACH Group launched a refresh of their strategy at a time of significant change in the sector with the ongoing Royal Commission. SVA was engaged to support the refresh work, working along-side a top-tier consulting firm that usually works in the ‘for profit’ sector. SVA brought our insights around how for-purpose organisations can align their strategy to the outcomes they are seeking to achieve and how they can go about measuring this impact.

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The project (icon)
The project

To refresh ACH Group’s strategic plan.

The objective (icon)
The objective

In light of a rapidly changing environment, SVA was engaged to build consensus around ACH Group’s mission and purpose, identify key strategic options, review new growth opportunities, and ensure the organisation’s strategic plan was ultimately aligned with their desired impact.

The role we played

We worked alongside another top-tier consulting firm, leveraging our deep experience in the social sector to ensure the final strategic plan maximised impact for ACH Group’s clients. We began by developing our understanding of ACH Group’s current state, then worked with them to build a logic model, seeking input from key stakeholders. This logic model was used to identify and prioritise emerging strategic options, which formed the basis of the strategy refresh.

Our impact (icon)
Project impact

Through the process, ACH Group became aligned on their strategic direction that will ultimately improve outcomes for its clients while enabling them to respond to emerging challenges.