AMP Foundation Strategic Review


SVA Consulting was engaged to review the AMP Foundation’s approach to social investment and philanthropic giving and develop a plan for the next three years.

Role we played

Working with AMP Foundation to develop a strategic plan, SVA Consulting:

  • Conducted extensive interviews with internal stakeholders to understand the Foundation’s focus and priorities
  • Undertook an external scan of best practice funding in Australia and overseas to understand key trends in social investment
  • Facilitated workshops with key decision-makers to assess the value of different social investment options
  • Developed a strategic narrative and strategic plan for the next three years including goals, initiatives and KPIs.


AMP Foundation now has a much deeper understanding of its role in the Australian philanthropic sector. This project identified key trends that are likely to shape the sector in coming years, published in a formal report, and captured the view of senior management about AMP Foundation’s future direction. These, along with the plan developed during the project, have shaped the Foundation’s understanding of what it wants to achieve over the next three years.