Anindilyakwa Land Council & South32 (Groote Eylandt)

Economic development project 


After more than 50 years of production, manganese mining on Groote Eylandt is set to wind-down over the next 10 years. We have been working with the local land council (ALC) and mining owner/operator (South32) to develop a set of initiatives that will help to create a future economy for the island that will enable the community’s long-term vision of protecting culture, becoming self-sufficient and creating pathways for youth to stand in both worlds. 

Role we played

To do this we worked closely with the ALC to understand the current economic and social situation on the island, and the community’s aspirations and economic opportunities. We then developed a set of options for economic development, prioritised by a diverse set of stakeholders using criteria including local job creation, cultural alignment and potential revenue. From here we developed a roadmap and implementation plan for each prioritised initiative including governance and a budget.


Each initiative is expected to contribute to the community’s longer-term vision and success will be measured against a set of shorter term outcomes (economic, social, cultural, political and community).