Disability Perspective Paper

SVA has a vision for Australia where all people and communities thrive. We recognise that people with disability are significantly more likely to experience exclusion and disadvantage than other groups in our community.

We believe that all Australians with disability should have the right to be full and equal participants in our community, free from discrimination, ableism and violence. People with disability should have opportunities to exercise their voice and have choice and control on the things that will impact upon their lives.

There is both a social and economic imperative in ensuring the lives and rights of people with disability are transformed. People with disability in Australia represent about 20% of the overall population. This is a significant portion of the population that is at risk of exclusion. Different types of disability, including physical disability, sensory disability, intellectual disability and psychosocial disability need to be recognised and accounted for when designing policy and services.

We have developed an evidence-informed report, the SVA Disability Perspective Paper, funded through a Sector Capacity Building program grant from Equity Trustees, which outlines three drivers for better outcomes for people with disability in Australia:

  • The voice and participation of people with disability is embedded in all elements of program, service and policy design
  • People with disability are included in society and have full access to services, facilities and activities in the community
  • People with disability access and exercise choice and control over specialist disability services and supports appropriate to their needs.

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The Disability Perspective Paper is available for download here.

Read the Plain English version here.