First Australians Capital

SVA is proud to be incubating First Australians Capital (FAC), an Indigenous-led organisation that will provide new sources of capital and support for Indigenous businesses.

FAC is an Indigenous-led organisation with a strong vision of building a new economy driven by First Australians.

Indigenous Australians are three times more likely to be unemployed than non-Indigenous Australians and only one in seven Indigenous Australians are in highly skilled occupations. However Indigenous business are 100 times more likely to employ Indigenous people and therefore supporting the growth and prosperity of Indigenous business is a powerful driver to tackle social disadvantage and create transformational systemic change.

Venture mission

Empowering First Australians to create and drive their own prosperity through the strength and assets of First Australians cultural, creative and economic capital and in turn, contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

The FAC team will support enterprising First Australian businesses to build capacity and become investment ready. Longer term, FAC seeks self-determination through economic empowerment.

Disruption model

FAC will provide a unique product offering of concessional capital and capability support to Indigenous social-purpose enterprises and social entrepreneurs.

FAC’s services to enterprises will comprise capacity building, access to networks and development finance, with dedicated relationship management to build economic self-sufficiency within Indigenous communities and help drive a new economy in Australia.

SVA support

Our hands on venture philanthropy approach will support FAC with multi-year funding, capacity building through leadership mentoring to Co-founders Adrian Appo and Leah Armstrong and access to our deep networks.

Insights from the recent two year Indigenous Social Enterprise Fund pilot (ISEF) has provided strong lessons and evidence for supporting Indigenous social enterprises. With a tested pilot model and prominent and highly experienced indigenous-led leadership, (FAC) is a uniquely placed partnership in the SVA venture portfolio.

Make contact

For more information about First Australians Capital please contact:

Jocelyn Grant

General Manager, First Australians Capital

0403 747 019


Case study

De Greer Yindimincarlie is a Wiradjuri woman who designed a range of plus size active wear three years ago when she struggled to find suitable clothing to wear to the gym.

She did extensive market research and identified a strong business case for manufacturing the range and selling her clothing online.

De would have qualified for a mainstream loan if she had assets to secure the loan against, but like most Aboriginal people, De does not have her own home, nor does she have family and friends she can borrow money from to start her business.

First Australians Capital began working with De in June 2016 to help her refine her financial forecasts and identify a strong marketing plan to launch her business. Upon launch, First Australians Capital will fund a virtual management team for a 12-month period to help the business grow.