Flourish Australia: Intake and Enquiry Review


To review Flourish Australia’s internal intake and enquiry process and provide recommendations for improvement.

Role we played

In conjunction with Flourish, SVA Consulting:

  • Reviewed the current state of intake and enquiry through stakeholder consultations with staff across NSW
  • Developed customer journey maps to identify current pain points across the intake and enquiry process
  • Researched best-practice intake and enquiry processes across the social services sector
  • Developed an ideal state customer journey map based on best-practice research
  • Held a workshop with the leadership team to present findings and best-practice research
  • Developed short-, medium- and long-term recommendations based on matching current state capabilities with future state aspirations


SVA Consulting supported Flourish in understanding their intake and enquiry processes, where they could have ‘quick wins’ in streamlining their processes and how to more effectively manage intake and enquiry moving forward.