Flourish Australia

Evaluation of the Peer Operated Service run by Flourish


To understand the value created for stakeholders by the Peer Operated Service and develop an outcomes dashboard for use by management.

Role we played

SVA Consulting first used Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to identify, measure and value the social and economic value created through the Peer Operated Service (POS). To do this we:

  • Developed a logic model with POS staff to identify the outcomes to be valued
  • Undertook stakeholder consultation to understand the degree to which outcomes were being achieved
  • Developed an SROI model to put a financial value on the outcomes and determine an SROI ratio

To develop an outcomes dashboard for senior management, SVA Consulting:

  • Developed an organisational logic model to identify the outcomes and indicators that would be useful for management’s decision making
  • Undertook consultation with management to design, build and refine the dashboard


SVA Consulting provided Flourish with an evidence base to allow them to replicate and expand its program as well as share the learnings with other mental health service providers and the sector more broadly. The dashboard has enabled management to track the organisation’s progress against key indicators.