The former Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Sustainable Social Enterprise Project


SVA Consulting was engaged to develop and run a series of workshops and business planning activities to support Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) to explore how they might transition to a social enterprise.

Role we played

This project was developed to support these organisations to become more sustainable and less reliant on government funding.

Working with a range of ADEs, SVA Consulting:

  • Delivered a series of workshops around Australia, supporting over 150 organisations to understand and explore other models to increase their sustainability
  • Worked intensively with 30 ADEs to review the feasibility and potential for their businesses, including an analysis of their client base, products, market size and competitors.


We developed specific strategies for each business to increase their sustainability and social outcomes in response to policy change and funding reform, documented in individualised transition plans.

The findings from the project have been shared in an SVA Quarterly article: ADEs lifting their commercial viability.