Goodstart Early Learning

Business model review – Feasibility study – Strategy and opportunity tracking


SVA Consulting was engaged to build understanding of Goodstart’s current performance and scope new opportunities to expand and enhance its impact.

Role we played

Across multiple projects, SVA Consulting:

  • Conducted a centre level review of expenditures to understand the cost profile of different business activities to understand opportunities for improved business efficiency
  • Undertook a detailed review, planning and feasibility study of a future business opportunity to support Goodstart to enhance the impact of its work.

In addition, SVA Consulting continues to provide ongoing support to help the Goodstart board and executive:

  • Understand how their current operations align with their strategic purpose
  • Understand how new business ventures can enhance their capacity to deliver high quality and affordable early learning services.


Goodstart now have a concrete evidence base from which to draw on and inform decision making. The organisation has also gained the capacity to frame its thinking for looking at the future operating environment and particular opportunities that arise.